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33911: Print name of object in inventory slot A of inventory data at HL in command summary window
Used by the routines at 29488, 29619, 29756, 30145, 30968 and 31537.
A Index of an inventory slot, with first slot being zero
HL Points to start of a character's inventory
33911 LD E,A Load inventory slot number into DE...
33912 LD D,0 ...
33914 ADD HL,DE Add to HL as offset
33915 LD A,(HL) Load index of object in that slot into A
33916 LD (29526),A Set this object as the Current Object
33919 LD DE,33924 Point DE at instruction to print name of Current Object...
33922 JR 33940 ...print in command summary window at top of screen and return
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