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26624: Initialise interrupt code then display and handle input device selection menu
IY 23610
26624 LD (IY+87),3 Set P FLAG system variable bits 0 and 1 (OVER 1)
26628 LD HL,(55968) Copy address of graphic data for Advert's mask to graphic data for graphic 33 at 56082
26631 LD (56082),HL
26634 LD HL,55918 Set address of mask data for graphic 33 at 56084 to address of unknown mask data
26637 LD (56084),HL
26640 LD A,(23728) If cheat-mode-enabled flag is reset (see trivia) then skip ahead to 26650
26643 OR A
26644 JR Z,26650
26646 XOR A Set initial room of Valid I.D. Card to USS Pisces, 0, "The Recreation Room" (00)
26647 LD (36920),A
26650 LD A,24 Put JR instruction at 65535 for jumping to interrupt routine
26652 LD (65535),A
26655 LD A,195 Load first byte of interrupt routine with 195 representing JP
26657 LD (65524),A
26660 LD HL,53479 Load following two bytes of interrupt routine with 53479 to make JP 53479
26663 LD (65525),HL
26666 LD A,57 Load I register with 57 (for interrupt routine)
26668 LD I,A
Execution continues into the routine at 26670 that displays the input device selection menu.
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