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54266: Point HL at B-th entry in table of object names
Used by the routines at 30145 and 33952.
B Index of required text string
HL (entry via 54269) address of start of a table of zero-terminated strings
HL Points to string of index B (input)
54266 LD HL,42373 Point HL at start of table of object names
This entry point is used by the routines at 28172, 29756, 30145, 31041, 31188, 31688, 32895, 54251, 54256 and 54261.
54269 LD A,B Load string index into A
54270 OR A Return if index is zero...
54271 RET Z ...
54272 PUSH BC Store BC
54273 LD BC,65535 Load BC (loop counter) with 65535
54276 XOR A Set A to zero
54277 CPIR Advance HL to start of next zero-terminated string
54279 POP BC Store BC
54280 DJNZ 54272 Decrease B (remaining number of object names to skip over) and loop back to 54272
54282 RET Return
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