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54231: Draw a run of characters (e.g. edge of frame of a window)
Used by the routines at 27951, 28172, 35285, 35627 and 54505.
HL Repeat count for printing character (e.g. width of window in characters minus 1)
54231 LD A,H Check whether remaining window's width is zero...
54232 OR L ...and if it is...
54233 RET Z ...then return without doing anything
The operand of the instruction at 54234 represents the index of a character set character to draw. This is modified by the instructions at 27976, 28188, 35031, 35292, 35637 and 54537.
54234 LD A,0 Else, load A with the character index
54236 CALL 54097 Print text/graphic character in A and advance bitmap virtual text cursor
54239 DEC HL Decrease remaining width
54240 JR 54231 Loop back to 54231
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