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54215: Update attribute virtual text cursor based upon current bitmap virtual text cursor
Used by the routines at 34762, 36602, 36731 and 54097.
54215 LD HL,(54110) Load HL with address of bitmap virtual text cursor
54218 LD A,H Load H into A...
54219 AND 31 ...and cap at 31, to give screen third of interest (H=0-7, top third; H=8-15, middle third; H=16-23, bottom third)
54221 RRCA Divide by eight to get character row within the third...
54222 RRCA ...
54223 RRCA ...
54224 ADD A,88 Add 22,528 to HL to move into attribute section of video memory
54226 LD H,A L still contains offset of x characters, so points to start of attributes for area where room name was just printed
54227 LD (23498),HL Store memory location for later use
54230 RET Return
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