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54176: Advance bitmap virtual text cursor right by one character
Used by the routines at 36602 and 54097.
54176 LD HL,(54110) Load HL with address of bitmap virtual text cursor...
54179 INC HL ...and increase (for next character)
54180 LD A,L Load LSB of HL into A...
54181 OR A ...and check whether it is zero
54182 JR NZ,54188 If it is not zero (i.e. advancing down a character row will not take us into a different third) then skip ahead to 54188
54184 LD A,H Add 7 to MSB of display file address as advancing by one at 54179 took display file pointer back up to 2nd pixel row of the current third of the display when in fact we need to move to top pixel row of the NEXT third of the display (i.e. 7 × 32 × 8 = 7 × 256 bytes on from this!)
54185 ADD A,7
54187 LD H,A
This entry point is used by the routines at 54132, 54192, 54283 and 54333.
54188 LD (54110),HL Store the updated address of bitmap virtual text cursor
54191 RET Return
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