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52513: Room drawing: Reset apply-vertical-mirror flag, reset apply-horizontal-mirror flag and draw a graphic
Used by the routine at 28631.
52513 XOR A Load 52672 with opcode for NOP
52514 LD (52672),A
52517 LD H,A Load 52673 and 52674 with opcode for NOP
52518 LD L,A
52519 LD (52673),HL
52522 LD (23450),A Reset both apply-horizontal-mirror and apply-vertical-mirror flags
52525 LD (23449),A Set pixel row counter to zero
52528 LD BC,(23493) Load BC with x- and y-coordinates of graphic to draw
52532 JP 52635 Jump to 52635 (draw the graphic then return)
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