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52535: Room drawing: Set apply-vertical-mirror flag, reset apply-horizontal-mirror flag and draw a graphic
Used by the routine at 28631.
52535 LD A,205 Load 52672 with opcode for CALL
52537 LD (52672),A
52540 LD HL,52924 Load 52673 (i.e. operand of instruction at 52672) with address of start of "reverse the order of the bits in A" routine
52543 LD (52673),HL
52546 XOR A Set pixel row counter to zero
52547 LD (23449),A
52550 INC A Set apply-vertical-mirror flag and reset apply-horizontal-mirror flag
52551 LD (23450),A
52554 LD A,(23494) Load B with y-coordinate of graphic to draw
52557 LD B,A
52558 LD A,(23495) Load C with x-coordinate of graphic to draw and decrease by one
52561 DEC A
52562 LD C,A
52563 JP 52635 Jump to 52635 (draw the graphic then return)
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