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33725: Display "[CHARACTER] IS ASLEEP" window and jump to main game loop if current character is asleep, else return
Used by the routine at 30874.
A Zero if character is awake
33725 PUSH HL Store HL
33726 LD A,(29632) Load A with index of Current Character
33729 LD E,6 Point HL at character's flags...
33731 CALL 33541 ...
33734 BIT 7,(HL) If character is awake...
33736 JR Z,33754 ...then skip ahead to 33754
33738 LD A,28 Draw window 28...
33740 CALL 34990 ...
33743 LD HL,38361 Point HL at "[Current Character's name] IS ASLEEP" text...
33746 CALL 34762 ...and print to screen
33749 POP HL Restore HL
33750 POP HL Remove value from top of stack as we are not returning
33751 JP 29479 Display "PRESS FIRE TO CONTINUE" window and wait for input and return to main game loop
33754 POP HL Restore HL
33755 XOR A Set A to zero
33756 RET Return
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