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33516: Load object C into the first empty inventory slot of a character
Used by the routines at 29330, 29619, 31537, 33170 and 34265.
B Number of inventory slots to process
C Index of an object to load into a character's inventory
HL Points to (usually the start of) a record in the characters' current inventories table at 25164
33516 LD A,(HL) If current inventory slot is empty...
33517 OR A ...
33518 JR Z,33523 ...then skip ahead to 33523
33520 INC HL Advance to next inventory slot
33521 DJNZ 33516 If there are still slots to process then loop back to 33516
33523 LD (HL),C Load item into current inventory slot
33524 RET Return
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