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28364: Draw all characters in Magic Knight's current room
Used by the routine at 28101.
28364 LD IX,25244 Point IX at start of table of characters' current positions at 25244
28368 LD BC,4096 Load B with 16 and C (current character) with 0 (see trivia)
28371 LD A,(23701) Load A with Magic Knight's current room
28374 CP (IX+0) If Magic Knight and current character are in the same room...
28377 CALL Z,28390 ...then draw character with index C
28380 INC C Increase C to advance to next character
28381 INC IX Advance IX to entry for next character...
28383 INC IX ...
28385 INC IX ...
28387 DJNZ 28371 Loop back to 28371 for next character
28389 RET Return
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