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28346: Move Magic Knight one room to the right if possible
Used by the routine at 28277.
28346 LD DE,1 Set DE to one (dealing with current room's right exit)
28349 LD A,5 Load A with Magic Knight's new coordinate when he arrives in new room (5 is near left-hand side of room)
28351 CALL 28291 Change Magic Knight's current room (if possible) based upon right exit of his current room
28354 JR Z,28358 If Magic Knight's can't leave his current room then jump to 28358
28356 JR 28333 Set Magic Knight's x-coordinate, draw the room and return
28358 LD A,2 Set Magic Knight's temporary-movement flags to 2 (Magic Knight can't move right because he can't leave his current room)...
28360 LD (23463),A ...
28363 RET Return
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