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53329: Starship location connectivity data
The various locations that the USS Pisces can travel to are laid out on a grid, eight units by four units. When the USS Pisces is at a given location on the grid, it can move only to the eight adjacent locations (north, north-east, east, south-east, south, south-west, west and north-west).
Any grid cell that contains a zero is inaccessible, and will not be added to the destinations menu when using the move starship command.
Current location is Plop Plop (12, at [4, 1] on grid, address 53341). Neighbouring (and therefore accessible) locations are:
Code Name Grid coordinates Address
4 Porthos (3, 0) 53332
22 Reef (4, 0) 53333
6 Lynx (5, 0) 53334
10 Herschell (3, 1) 53340
11 Trantore (5, 1) 53342
17 Retreat (5, 2) 53350
The NULL (zero) entries to Plop Plop's south-west and south are inaccessible, and not added to the destination list.
53329 DEFB 1,2,3,4,22,6,7,0 Deneb, Gath, Monopole, Porthos, Reef, Lynx, Nirvana, NULL
53337 DEFB 8,9,0,10,12,11,14,16 Limbo, Eden, NULL, Herschell, Plop Plop, Trantore, Outpost, Bingo
53345 DEFB 13,15,5,0,0,17,24,0 Brightstar, Polaris, Starbase 1, NULL, NULL, Retreat, Plinkit, NULL
53353 DEFB 18,0,19,20,21,0,0,23 Dragon Egg, NULL, Aridia, Gangrole, Naff, NULL, NULL, Menopausia
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