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36077: Draw all objects in Magic Knight's current room
Used by the routine at 28101.
36077 LD IX,25286 Point IX at start of objects' current positions table
36081 LD C,0 Set current object to zero
Here we load B with the number of objects to try to draw. Although there are 37 objects in the game, the last, the "10 MW Laser", never appears outside Klink's inventory.
36083 LD B,36 Set counter to 36 (as there are 37 objects, including "nothing at all")
36085 LD A,(23701) Load A with Magic Knight's current room
36088 CP (IX+0) If object and Magic Knight are in the same room...
36091 CALL Z,36115 ...then set terrain interaction data for character blocks spanned by that object and draw
36094 INC C Increase C
36095 INC IX Advance to next object...
36097 INC IX ...
36099 INC IX ...
36101 DJNZ 36085 ...and loop back to 36085 for next object
36103 RET Return
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