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35674: Flood attribute file with stored attribute value
The value stored at 23695 is used to fill the attribute file.
Used by the routine at 26884.
A (Entry at 35677 only) Attribute to flood attribute file with
35674 LD A,(23695) Load A with attribute stored at 23695
This entry point is used by the routine at 31468.
35677 LD HL,22528 Load HL with start address of attribute file
35680 LD DE,22529 Load DE with next byte up
35683 LD BC,767 Load BC with length of data to copy (767 bytes = length of attribute file minus one)
35686 LD (HL),A Load memory at HL with this attribute...
35687 LDIR ...and repeat 767 times
35689 RET Return
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