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33774: Adjust height (at DE) of a window to accommodate text
Used by the routines at 27762, 28506, 28554, 29756, 31041, 31188, 31312, 32252, 32895, 33338, 33834, 34122, 34265, 55364 and 55685.
HL Points to height byte preceding text data
DE Points to third byte of an entry in table at 37089 (i.e. y-coordinate of top edge of a window)
HL Points to first byte of text data (i.e. input HL value plus one)
33774 LD A,(HL) Load height data into C...
33775 LD C,A ...
33776 LD A,(DE) Load y-coordinate in characters of window of interest into A
33777 ADD A,C Add height to window's top y-coordinate to get required bottom y-coordinate
33778 INC DE Advance DE to y-coordinate of bottom edge of window...
33779 LD (DE),A ...and load calculated bottom y-coordinate into address in DE
33780 INC HL Advance HL to first byte of actual text data
33781 RET Return
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