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26855: Clear stack and prepare to load data
Used by the routine at 26745.
26855 POP DE Remove return address of calling routine from top of stack
26856 LD SP,26240 Set stack pointer to 26240
26859 LD HL,27136 Load HL with start address of main game loop routine
26862 PUSH HL Store HL (address of main game loop)
26863 LD (23613),SP Store stack pointer address at 23613
26867 PUSH DE Store HL (return address in routine that called this routine)
26868 CALL 35690 Play upward scale sound
26871 CALL 55138 Display "PRESS FIRE TO CONTINUE" window and wait for fire to be pressed
26874 LD IX,23296 Set base address for load to 23296
26878 LD DE,23808 Set data length to 23808
26881 LD A,255 Load A with 255 to denote a data block
26883 RET Return
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