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23675: Interrupt routine flags
Bitwise flags which determine which things occur upon executing the interrupt routine. The bits are as follows:
Bit Effect
0 Game-in-progress flag
1 Characters-free-to-move flag
2 Unknown flag
3 Unused
4 Unused
5 Unused
6 Unused
7 Unused
The game-in-progress flag is used to determine whether or not to allow loading and saving of games (which can only be done via Gadget X), and also whether or not to move characters and update the game clock.
The characters-free-to-move flag determines whether or not the characters in the same room as Magic Knight are free to move. When the player is controlling Magic Knight, this flag is reset, meaning characters are unable to move. When the player is navigating menus the flag is set meaning characters are able to move.
The unknown flag is reset by the instruction at 28145, and also along with all other bits of this address by the instruction at 26676. This flag is not accessed or modified by any other part of the game code.
23675 DEFB 0
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