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55030: Capture cursor joystick input
Used by the routine at 54942.
A Stored key-press (bits: 0=LEFT, 1=RIGHT, 2=UP, 3=DOWN, 4=FIRE)
55030 LD C,254 IN 63486 reads the half row 1 to 5
55032 LD B,247 ...
55034 IN A,(C) Read keyboard/joystick
55036 BIT 4,A If joystick moved left ("5" key pressed)...
55038 CALL Z,55100 a LEFT input from control device
55041 LD B,239 IN 61438 reads the half row O to 6
55043 IN A,(C) Read keyboard/joystick
55045 BIT 2,A If joystick moved right ("8" key pressed)...
55047 CALL Z,55103 a RIGHT input from control device
55050 BIT 4,A If joystick moved down ("6" key pressed)...
55052 CALL Z,55109 a DOWN input from control device
55055 BIT 3,A If joystick moved up ("7" key pressed)...
55057 CALL Z,55106 an UP input from control device
55060 BIT 0,A If fire button pressed ("0" key pressed)...
55062 CALL Z,55112 a FIRE input from control device
55065 LD A,(HL) Return stored joystick movement in A
55066 RET Return
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