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52596: Room drawing: Set apply-vertical-mirror flag, set apply-horizontal-mirror flag and draw a graphic
Used by the routine at 28631.
52596 LD A,205 Load 52672 with opcode for CALL
52598 LD (52672),A
52601 LD HL,52924 Load 52673 (i.e. operand of instruction at 52672) with address of start of "reverse the order of the bits in A" routine
52604 LD (52673),HL
52607 LD A,7 Set pixel row counter to 7
52609 LD (23449),A
52612 LD A,3 Set both apply-horizontal-mirror and apply-vertical-mirror flags
52614 LD (23450),A
52617 LD BC,(23495) Load BC with coordinates (each +1) of bottom-right of graphic to draw
52621 DEC C Decrease x-coordinate by one
This entry point is used by the routine at 52566.
52622 LD (23444),BC Store coordinates at which to draw graphic at 23444
52626 CALL 54132 Move virtual cursor (bitmap) to display file address for coordinates x=C, y=B and load address into HL
52629 LD A,7 Advance HL down to bottom pixel row in its current character block (as we are drawing up from the bottom)
52631 ADD A,H
52632 LD H,A
52633 JR 52642 Jump to 52642 (draw the graphic then return)
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