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32577: Table of transporter pad locations
In order to set the use-transporter-enabled menu command flag when Magic Knight is standing on a transporter pad, his coordinates need to be checked against a list of pad locations. For each pad, this list contains an entry specifying the pad's room number, the x-coordinates of its left and right edges and a y-coordinate. If, for any entry, Magic Knight's room number matches the value in byte 0, his x-coordinate is between the values specified in bytes 1 and 2, and his y-coordinate is the same as in byte 3 then the use-transporter-enabled menu command flag will be set.
Byte Meaning
0 Room number
1 x-coordinate of left edge of platform (pixels)
2 x-coordinate of right edge of platform (pixels)
3 y-coordinate of top of platform (pixels)
Used by the routine at 34265.
32577 DEFB 90,90,1,1 Unused / start marker
32581 DEFB 2,88,152,120 USS Pisces, 2 (The Transporter Room)
32585 DEFB 7,16,40,120 Retreat, 0 (Murphy's Moon)
32589 DEFB 11,16,40,120 Starbase 1, 0 (The Transporter Room)
32593 DEFB 16,16,40,120 Outpost, 0 (Ye Olde Transporter)
32597 DEFB 21,16,40,120 Monopole, 0 (Hooper's Emergency Exit)
32601 DEFB 255 End marker
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