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31257: Cast Fortify Character if possible, otherwise display failure message
Used by the routine at 55726.
31257 LD HL,38674 Point HL at "FORTIFY?" text (to append to title of character selection menu)
31260 LD DE,41814 Point DE at "CAST FORTIFY SPELL ON " (command summary text pointer)
31263 CALL 34122 Display and process input for character selection menu (current room's characters only), setting Current Character
31266 JP Z,29482 If there are no characters in the room then return to game
31269 CALL 55115 Display execute / reject command window and return here if execute chosen, else exit to main game loop
31272 CALL 33546 Point IX at Current Character's current stats...
31275 PUSH IX ...and copy address into HL...
31277 POP HL ...
31278 JR 31283 Jump to 31283 (fortify stats at HL and return to main game loop)
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